Running event in Herriard on 24th / 25th July

This event is over the weekend of 24th & 25th July and includes 3 runs all on a combination of private tracks and rights of way.

Links to the proposed routes are shown below where you can see the map for each route in the links. It’s easier to see exactly where they are going if you change from standard map to satellite map in the top right.

Saturday 20k here

Saturday 10k here

Sunday 5k here

The trail will be marked with small pink flags which will be up for about 48 hours. Some of the runs and flags will go along lanes and Herriard Green in the village. Running is as far as possible on private tracks and on rights of way, but in some places they have to cross roads.

More details are available here:  Sam from Ultra X has kindly set up a 20% off code “HER21” for the locals if anyone wish to attend.