Emergency Plan


The Herriard Emergency plan is not in any way intended to replace the statutory Emergency Services. Instead, it is designed to help in situations where those services may not be able to attend immediately. These actions may assist the community in reducing the negative impacts an emergency can have until further assistance has been received.

Statutory emergency contacts:

  •   Local Police 01256 389050/07768 776844
  •   Basingstoke Hospital 01256 473202
  •   Southern Electric 0800 072 7282
  •   District Network Operator (DNO) 105 
  •   South East Water 0333 000 0365
  •   Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council 01256 844844

The Herriard Emergency Plan has been designed to coordinate a network of residents with specific skills/resources to help deal with extreme situations (Heavy snowfall / Storm damage etc ) quickly and efficiently.


Examples of emergencies

  •   Fallen branches blocking important roads / paths
  •   Heavy snow-fall blocking important roads / paths
  •   Flooded roads
  •   Isolation of vulnerable people during extreme conditions
  •   If safe and possible, helping stranded vehicles


  1. If an emergency arises and it is not possible to contact the emergency services straight away (or if their response is delayed), the Herriard Emergency Plan can be initiated by any resident calling one of the following volunteer co-ordinators:
  • Herriard Estate Office 01256 381275  
  • Gareth Davies 01256 381333
  • James and Tracy Crawford 07392 734952
  • David Freer 07974 159123
  • Gill Hill 01256 381448
  • Bob Ives 07770 340318
  • John Jervoise 07956 906326
  • Will Cheyney 07917 607785
  • Simon Wills 07979 566078
  1. The co-ordinator will notify members of the Herriard Emergency Group who will then be able to assess the required actions needed to deal with the emergency and contact relevant people from Herriard to see if they are able to assist.

  2. Deal with the emergency if possible. No one should undertake any task that could endanger them.

  1. In the event of there being persons (including casualties) requiring temporary shelter, the Village Hall will be made available.

  2. If appropriate, and using local knowledge, volunteers will make contact with vulnerable individuals in the village (for example the disabled, elderly, housebound and parents with young children)
  1. Actions and outcomes that have been possible will be published on the Herriard Village Facebook Page to keep residents updated.


If you feel you have a skill/resource or are willing to help clear roads etc. then please let the group know via the Herriard Village Facebook Page or let a member of the Parish Council know. All help will be gratefully received.