Changes to lifestyle- Phase 1 of Greening Herriard

Following our public vote, the 8 most popular challenges for Phase 1 of the Greening Campaign are:

  1. Turn off lights when leaving a room (non LED)  saving 25kg CO2 and £14 a year
  2. Halve your food waste by making a meal plan and using up leftovers saving 312kg CO2 and £252 a year
  3. Turn the thermostat down by 1 degree C saving 325 kg CO2 and £80 a year
  4. Buy second hand furniture over new-1 item a year saving 50 kg CO2 and £135 a year
  5. Replace all bulbs with LED saving 65kg CO2 and £35 a year
  6. Boil only the amount of water needed saving 12kg of CO2 and £6 a year
  7. Wash up using a bowl rather than letting the water run saving 130 kg CO2 and £25 a year
  8. Line or rack dry clothes saving 65 kg CO2 and £35 a year

The Greening Herriard Challenge cards were delivered at the end of October 2020. You only needed to choose 5 of the 8 challenges. When we counted them, 40 households took part in reducing their CO2 emissions which was approx 33% of the total number of households in Herriard.

This saved 33 tonnes of CO2 and £14,500 in our Community by making these small changes and reducing waste. Once you start to make these small changes, they become a habit and you can start to introduce more energy saving measures into your lifestyle.