Changes to lifestyle- Phase 1 of Greening Herriard

Aims of Phase 1 of the Greening Campaign:

  1. To demonstrate that small actions when taken together make big savings
  2. To create a sense that tackling climate change is possible
  3. To galvanise the community behind the campaign
  4. To make the campaign simple and effective

As a Community we will focus on just 8 challenges, which will be voted on, taken from the list below

  1. Turn off lights when leaving room                                         25   CO2 kg saving/year
  2. Replace all bulbs with LEDs                                                 65
  3. Turn off standbys                                                                  60
  4. Wash laundry at 30C                                                            15
  5. Line dry clothes in summer                                                   65
  6. Top up loft insulation to 270mm                                            50
  7. Boil only amount of water needed                                        12
  8. Turn the thermostat down by 1C                                          325
  9. Install cavity wall insulation                                                  620
  10. Upgrade your TV to A+++                                                     35
  11. Insulate the hot water tank to a depth of 75mm                   430
  12. Install a low flow shower head                                             345
  13. Wash up using a bowl                                                          130
  14. Reduce normal shower time by 1 min                                  35
  15. Draught proof around doors and windows                           90
  16. Halve food waste by making a meal plan/using up leftovers  312
  17. Buy second hand furniture over new (1 item a year)            50

There will be a launch date when households will receive a Challenge card with 8 challenges. You only need to do a minimum of 5 challenges. Put up the card in your window to be counted at a later date.

We will be told how much CO2 we have saved in our Community by making these small changes in our lives. PLEASE GET INVOLVED IN GREENING HERRIARD!

Look out for articles in the Parish Magazine and Village Facebook page for updates on Greening Herriard.